Which is a good company to establish a company in Phu Xuyen?

Why should you use the service of setting up a company in Phu Xuyen? What are the advantages of setting up a company in Phu Xuyen?… Immediately contact the hotline if you have any legal questions related to corporate law.

Why should you set up a company in Phu Xuyen? Consulting service to establish a company in Phu Xuyen is a reputable unit, reasonable price?

Cost of consulting services to establish a company in Phu Xuyen

As mentioned, the standard of living here is usually lower than that of the inner city districts, so the cost of consulting to set up a company in Phu Xuyen is not too expensive.

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When wanting to set up a company in Phu Xuyen, business owners should seek legal advice from existing units from experienced law firms like en.luathongduc.com for the most accurate advice.

Criteria for choosing a company to establish a company in Phu Xuyen

If you are in need of setting up a company in Phu Xuyen to start production and business activities but do not have time to learn the procedures, then finding a consulting unit to ask for support is a good choice. best. Choosing the right consulting unit will help you save time, effort and avoid mistakes due to not understanding the regulations. So what is a good consulting unit? You should base on the following criteria to choose a unit to carry out the procedures for setting up your company:

Criteria for choosing a company to establish a company in Phu Xuyen

The first is about the reputation of that unit. Currently, because of high business demand, services related to business registration and business support are open a lot. But quantity does not necessarily equate to quality. Many new units in the industry do not have much experience, leading to unprofessional services, many errors and incorrect advice, making customers lose a lot of time and money, even subject to sanctions before state agencies. .So how to choose a reputable consulting unit. In this regard, you can find out through the internet, or ask for experience from businesses that have used the service, through friends or business partners to find yourself a unit with quality services. High quality to meet your needs.

The second is about the cost of setting up a company in Phu Xuyen. Many consulting units offer different prices for their services, you need to find yourself a unit that is suitable for your budget, but at the same time, you must also pay attention to the quality issues. quantity and whether there are other costs incurred. Many units can quote very low prices, only a few hundred thousand to establish a business, but when it comes to work, it is superficial or incurs many costs outside the contract, making customers unable to achieve the work results as required. initial demand.

Important notes when setting up a company in Phu Xuyen

1. Determine the type of business

Determining the type of company is one of the prerequisites for establishing a business. Usually, we rely on the following factors: the number of founding members, the form of capital mobilization, the direction of company

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According to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2020, there are the following types:

a. Limited liability company

This is the most common type of incorporated company in Vietnam and is divided into 2 types:

– One member limited liability company;

– Limited liability company with two or more members (maximum 50 members).


Here are the basic steps to set up a company. If customers have questions or have problems that do not understand, please contact us for advice and answers.

Please contact en.luathongduc.com according to the information below for more detailed instructions.

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